Scalable, adaptable, flexible Solutions for your IT-Infrastructure

Corporate Philosphy

ISR stands for

Our imagination of the future

We are revolutionizing transparency. Knowing all times, where everything is located.

We co-determine the future.

Our assignment

We support business processes. Being prepared for every change of business models we work hand in hand with our customers. We guide you through the challenge of digital transformation. 

We develop and connect technologies, products and processes – transparent, innovative and sustainable. 

We provide the knowledge and the competence of ISR for efficient solutions to our customers.

Our skills and qualities

We fulfill our promises and always follow our values. This is the foundation for our authenticity.
This is the reason for our long-term relationships to our employees, partners and customers.
Due to these values we achieve a stable economic success and a sustainable benefit for all involved parties.

According to our own expectations we offer our customers, partners and employees high-quality and easy realizable solutions.
We take the initiative and the responsibility to provide the best possible results.
To support talents we give them enough space and let them achieve challenging targets independently.

We show respect to our colleagues, partners and customers.
We insist on personal and cultural diversity and appreciate different perceptions.
We give constructive feedback, acknowledge the effort of someone else and together we find the best solution.

We act efficient and create the best possible customer value whilst keeping ideal profitability.
Our thinking and acting is always inter-divisional and includes the total business group.

We support open-mindedness with willingness for change, courage and endurance.
We learn from our experiences and aspire for new and better solutions.
We orientate ourselves by current and future customer needs.